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Take easy courses online
Church service
Radio broadcasts
Reading books
Tele-health over phone
Go outside
Time with animals
Time with kids
Concern for family members
Online shopping
Dealing with health issues
Develop ulcers
Mandatory training for work
Not worry about things are beyond our control
Doing what we are doing
Getting alergic to things

NAMI Discussion Groups > Depression > Keeping Busy?

I have been busy.
What about you?

I've got to work which is both good and bad.
A. I need money.
B. The virus is out there.

Next topic might be something like if you had $2 trillion, what would you do with it?


A trillion is 1,000,000,000,000, also known as 10 to the 12th power, or one million million. It's such a large number it's hard to get your head around it, so sometimes trillion just means “wow, a lot.”


We need to pick one.

Reduce your anxiety, you know, a lot of people have anxiety, listen to music, have fun, enjoy nature, keep a routine, play cards get a good book or listen to an audio book.

Discussion Topic:

Depression NAMI Discussion Groups > Depression > Am i the only one?

If anyone dials-in... this is what our discussion will be about.


Thank you

I thought talking about getting sick was a good topic.

The topic in tomorrow's discussion is about being sick in 2019. An old post by solidity, in the depression group. 

FOr the call Saturday more than one person has confirmed

According to the recent research, kissing relieves tension, prevents tooth decay, helps you lose weight, slows the aging process, increases fitness levels and boosts self-esteem.

"Kissing power is stronger than willpower"

This quote can be used to describe the way many people feel when kissing someone they love.

Cats, I'm very sorry if I hurt you. You are very dear to me and I miss you. Please text me.

1. dont read anything.

2. dont follow news.

3. Dont go to stores or malls.

4. eat at home only

5. dont listen to music.

6. dont watch tv or use a computer.

7. wear noise canceling headphones.

8. take up knitting and crafts.

9. avoid conversations.

10. pray real hard for a cure.

This message board is a good thing to use.

It is a challenge to find someone in chat at the same time I log in. I think we need a way for better coordination - any suggestions?

Let missy know there will be a namily waiting for her.

Hi everyone,

I tried to find you Cats, but you were lost? Missy has terminal cancer. I am sorry to relay this in a message this way, but I thought you would like to know. She is still with us, and is in hospice. She is still able to chat, if you want to call her. I miss you all and hope you are better than this message.

Everyday at sunrise the sun comes up - that is something we can count on. The future is bright, enjoy your day!

The "full screen" option may display better in your computer

We lost if for a while but it's back.

Thank you for your understanding.

Chat is so simple it does not have time stamp. The login screen does displays the more recent time chat was visited.

Welcome and have fun

I need to do something about making it easier to get people chatting

The blanket is laid out in the meadow with a basket of fine treats.

Hugging has some surprising powers. It sets the tone for any discussion that needs to take place. Hugging builds trust and a sense of safety.

Namily is moving to this sweet place.

Hope you all have a very nice Holiday Season

The program that replaces namily is very simple, but seems to be good for chatting.

It probably needs more work.


This page is so girly no real man will post here.

Yup, girlie

Its very simple. Just leave a message anytime.

This is a new message page until I figure out a chat program to replace the other one. Click on the header and you can write a note and save it.